Hakodate is a city on the southern tip of Hokkaido which is the northernmost island of Japan.

The city has an airport namely Hakodate Airport (HKD) near the city. The airport does not have international direct flight except Asian countries. Therefore, in the many cases, you need to transit at hub airports: Narita International Airport (NRT) or Tokyo International Airport (HND). The following map shows the major route via the hub airports.

[Route A] Via Tokyo International Airport (HND)

Using HND is the easiest way to arrive HKD. At HND, please transit your airplane to a domestic flight which is going to HKD. The airport has several domestic flights (10 flights per day) to HKD. Generally, the flight takes 1.5 hours.

[Route B] Via Narita International Airport (NRT)

NRT is the largest international airport in Japan, then most passengers arrive at NRT. However, there is no domestic flight between NRT and HKD. Therefore, you need to move to HND by public transportation (bus) and take a domestic flight to HKD. The bus takes near 2 hours, and the bus costs 3,100 yen. You can get more detail information about the bus from their website [link]. At HND, you can take an airplane to HKD.


Travelling to RTCSA2018

RTCSA2018 is held at Hakodate Arena, in Hakodate City, which is located almost 30 minutes by public transportation from the airport.

Address: 1-2-2 Yukawa, Hakodate City, Hokkaido [Open Google Maps]
TEL: 0138-57-3141
Web Page:


Local Transportation to the Hakodate Arena

Public Transit Option

Taxi Cab Option


Local Transportation from/to Hotels

For a public transportation, Hakodate tram is useful from/to your hotels. Find Hakodate Arena-mae stop on the tram map.


Lunch Information for before/after the conference

In Hakodate, there are small but many good restaurants.

Check Japanese directory services, such as,

Enter ‘Hakodate’ into the Location box and move the map.

You may find many choices in Goryokaku area and JR Hakodate St. area.